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Regular dental screening helps oral care and general well-being.
Dental screening, diagnostics allow the dentist to have to give advice on the condition of the teeth, early detection of problems, even when they can be handled.
It is recommended that adults plan regular dental examinations at specified intervals. Do this even if you no longer have natural teeth. It is important to consult your dentist in order to maintain oral health and wellbeing of the supplemental teeth.
What can you expect from us?
During the dental examination, the dentist either makes the following:
  • It evaluates general health and oral hygiene
  • Assess the risk of tooth decay, dental decay and bone or gum disease
  • He appreciates the need to restore dental caries
  • Checks for these problems in the bite or the jaw
  • Removes stains or deposits from teeth
  • Shows the correct denture cleaning techniques
  • It performs dental X-rays or diagnostic procedures
After the dental examination, the dentist analyzes oral health, including risk of caries, gum disease and any other oral care problems. It also takes preventive action to improve and protect your teet

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